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Vision – Our vision is to eliminate gang and gun violence so each young person can live their life’s purpose. 


Mission - Our mission is: “To heal and empower formerly incarcerated youth and young adults as they find - and work towards - their life’s positive purpose.” 


H.E.L.P. achieves this mission by: 


Healing trauma by providing access to caring adults and culturally-specific mental health therapists specializing in trauma informed care. H.E.L.P. also reduces the stigma of seeking mental health supports by making a mental health assessment - as well as ongoing self-care work - standard and required for all. Access to a 24-7 Life Coach reinforces healing practices whenever possible. 


Enriching participants’ lives with new opportunities proven to prevent recidivism while opening new economic, educational and social pathways. Enrichment programming includes customized education support obtaining GED or diploma; financial education; and skill building, job placement and job retention services. 


Facilitating learning as participants are guided through innovative curricula including "52 Weeks to Owning Who You Are, The Challenge to Change" and HEAT - “Habilitation, Empowerment, Accountability, Therapy.”  Both curricula emphasize empowerment and personal choice. H.E.L.P.’s Life Coaches and staff also help participants increase decision making skills and understand the long-term effects of their decisions. 


Uncovering purpose as the above services work together to culminate in an improved positive outlook on one’s life as the youth and young adults H.E.L.P. serves begin to envision - and then realize - a future full of opportunities as they live their positive purpose. 


H.E.L.P. Offers the Following Services



H.E.L.P.’s Short Term and Intermediate Outcomes 

  • Increased access to caring adults who share similar lived experiences 

  • Increased access to culturally-specific mental health support 

  • Reduced stigma of accessing mental health supports 

  • Increased educational attainment 

  • Increased job skills

  • Increased employment and job retention 

  • Increased access to curated curricula 

  • Increased confidence in decision making skills

  • Increased positive outlook for one’s future 

  • Increased understanding of one’s positive purpose in life 



H.E.L.P.’s Long-Term Outcomes 

  • Reduced recidivism 

  • Reduced trauma among gang and gun violence impacted youth and young adults 

  • Reduced generational trauma 

  • Reduced gun and gang violence 

  • Increased economic stability 

  • Increased generational wealth 

  • Increased community understanding of the multifaceted barriers faced by youth impacted by violence 



Addressing Urgent Community Needs 

Urgent Community Need: Formerly incarcerated young adults returning to society (ages 18-25) face high recidivism rates, and continue to be impacted by gun and gang violence.


How we H.E.L.P.: We provide wraparound services, including 24/7 direct support and life coaches, to support K-12 youth and young adults who are experiencing difficult life circumstances, including gun and gang violence.


Urgent Community Need: Many of the communities we serve have endured severe trauma, from childhood to adulthood, and are hesitant to receive counseling and/or mental health support due to continued stigma.  


How we H.E.L.P.: To break stigma, we provide an array of professional mental health support from culturally-specific therapist and counselors. Support takes place prior to release from incarceration. Overall, H.E.L.P. uses restorative justice principles to address lasting community and generational trauma caused by gun and gang violence.  


Urgent Community Need: Communities and populations we serve have limited resources and built-in support systems.  to help resolve issues and provide evidence based successful outcomes.


How we H.E.L.P.: We plan to resolve community issues by producing successful, evidence-based outcomes. To do this, we fundraise and work with community partners to provide resources to underserved populations. Mental health support and building life skills are the cornerstones of our organization.


Participants have access to financial education to support economic independence and security. We also teach parenting best practices, the importance of being present, and help youth and young adults understand long-term effects of making positive choices.

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